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Yearender: Looking back at 2021

Every year a set of memes is circulated widely on social media, the 2022 version of which goes along the lines of: My goal for 2022 is to accomplish the goals of 2021 which I should have done in 2020 because I made a promise in 2019 and planned in 2018. Over the years, this remained my most favorite ‘new year’ meme for no real reason other than that it was hilarious, funny, and relatable, but in 2021, the actuality of these lines hit me hard as it tested my mettle out and out by bestowing a series of unfinished businesses and frequent hiccups throughout the year!

Year-end reflection: My 2020 highlights

The last day of 2020 is finally here. To bring this decade to a close, I thought I would take a moment to share some of the highlights from this year in the form of pictures and anecdotes. As much as I would love to remember this year as a year of setbacks and bottlenecks, in retrospect, it has been packed with some very surprising yet noteworthy moments. On a personal level, 2020 has been a year of many firsts, much as has been the case for the society in general where we have together achieved incredible things as a community despite challenging circumstances.

A reflection on my first guest editorial experience

Recently, I had a chance to wrap up a special issue at the journal Frontiers in Genetics. This is my first-hand experience as a lead Guest Associate Editor. Ironically, this opportunity came to me at a time when I was exponentially busy as a postdoctoral fellow juggling research, occasional teaching and other administrative duties while also preparing my transition to a new role. I am so glad I took the chance when the Frontiers editorial office reached out to me in 2018.